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May 23, 2018


Brian HATES these episodes and due to his ADHD and Dysthymia, he can't stop thinking about how much he hates these first few episodes. He kindly asks that you begin listening around episode 50.  (Then, if you want to ruin his life, you can go back and listen to these first episodes.) Hopefully this message gives you some insight into the nonsense that makes up this podcast. Have a wicked funny day!! 

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Comedians Brian Beaudoin, Frank Gazerro and Mike Fahey introduce the “Wicked Funny Podcast” recorded at RI Comedy Connection Studios. We politely request a sponsorship from La Croix, talk about local authors, food from stranger’s, Mike’s Famous Mac & Cheese Recipe, people who shouldn’t be allowed to live, we get a surprise visit from one of the owners of the RI Comedy Connection David Fiorillo and play a “Getting to Know You” game.